French Manufacturer of Heating Equipment

As an international company, SBM is recognised as a leader in the design, manufacture and supplies of building heating equipment in the industrial, commercial and breeding sectors.


  •  Equipment components made-in-France: ceramic plates, stainless steel and aluminium parts, burners (sealing guaranteed)

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  •  Control of our production processes, along with our in-house R&D laboratory allow us to guarantee the quality of our products


This quality gives SBM international scope and allows us to export our products to more than 65 countries.


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"SBM seeks to reduce its carbon footprint by offering energy-efficient products and through the use of recyclable materials."




  •  Quality of products and services provided to customers (ISO 9001-2015)

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  •  Customer satisfaction and the proximity of our sales teams for personalised follow-up
  •  Ecological responsibility: limiting our carbon footprint on our own site and for our customers
  •  Innovation: adaptation and improvement of our products to our customers' requirements