Tertiary - Sports hall

Golf Driving Range Heating


Heating the golfers' practice area would optimise their overall comfort and extend the playing season while keeping energy costs to a minimum.


SBM can assist you in selecting the technology best suited to your specific needs and requirements. This includes the installation of an efficient outdoor and aesthetically pleasing solution.


Based on your requirements, SBM offers you the best solution in both performance and design. Our radiant heaters are quiet, lightweight and space-saving.

Our solutions

  •  Gas-fired ceramic radiant heaters


  •  Electric radiant heater


SBM products allow players to experience instant and comfortable warmth. Whether gas or electric, our radiant heaters are designed to ensure ideal integration into the building structure.


XDI luminous radiant heaters Cal-E electric radiant heaters RI luminous radiant heaters


Radiant électrique Cal-E sans support_bis (1).jpg


Technical characteristics

Gas heating

Infrared burner with ceramic plates

Electric heating

Short wave infrared lamp

Gas heating

Infrared burner(s) with ceramic plates
Aluminium equipment Aluminium equipment Stainless steel equipment
  •  Average service life of 20 years
  •  Dual power settings (50% or 100%)
  •  Aesthetics, design
  •  Various colours
  •  Easy connection
  •  Power controller from 0 to 100%
  •  Aesthetics, design
  •  Various colours
  •  Average service life of 20 years
  •  Economic solution
Centralised management of the installation makes it possible to measure, control and regulate the building's energy consumption.

This solution allows you to

  •  Define a comfort temperature
  •  Program time slots
  •  Independently manage the heated zones
  •  View and control in real time from an online interface (computer, tablet, smartphone)

Control modules

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