Terrace Heating


In order for customers to enjoy the terraces of restaurants or bars year round, it is essential that these areas benefit from efficient and comfortable heating. SBM products allow you to extend the period of outdoor terrace service in optimal conditions.


SBM assists you in selecting the technology best suited to your needs and requirements for heat your terrace.

SBM is there to assist you with selecting the solution with the most appropriate design and that best suits your needs.

Our solution

  •  Whether gas-fired or electric, our radiant heaters provide instant comfort


  •  Our equipment blends in perfectly with the architecture of the terrace and saves space at floor level


  •  SBM products are energy efficient owing to their innovative design


XDI luminous radiant heaters Cal-E electric radiant heaters RI luminous radiant heaters


Radiant électrique Cal-E sans support_bis (1).jpg


Technical characteristics

Gas heating

Infrared burner with ceramic plates

Electric heating

Short wave infrared lamp

Gas heating

Infrared burner(s) with ceramic plates
Aluminium equipment Aluminium equipment Stainless steel equipment
  •  Average service life of 20 years
  •  Dual power settings (50% or 100%)
  •  Aesthetics, design
  •  Various colours
  •  Easy connection
  •  Power controller from 0 to 100%
  •  Aesthetics, design
  •  Various colours
  •  Average service life of 20 years
  •  Economic solution