Range for low-rise buildings

XLA-T - XLA-I gas-fired luminous radiant heaters

The XLA-T (thermocouple) and XLA-I (ionisation) ranges provide instant comfort and energy savings in low-rise buildings (less than 5m tall) with little or no insulation.

Product benefits


  • Infrared heating for users resulting in significant energy savings
  • Programming of different temperatures in the same volume is possible
  • Low annual heating maintenance cost


  • Innovative design for heating comfort over a wide area
  • Heat directed directly toward the users = Exceptional comfort
  • A very quick sensation of heat after being switched on (5 minutes)


  • All stainless steel design for an average service life of 25 years
  • NOx emissions lower than 50 mg/kWh
  • Quiet devices that do not generate air or dust movement
Operating principle


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XLA-T / XLA-I innovative range of gas-fired radiant heaters

The innovative design of the XLA-T / XLA-I radiant heaters with 2 gas burners installed back to back and inclined at 45° allow heating over a wide area, adapted to low-rise buildings less than 5-metres tall.

All our XLA-T and XLA-I ranges are compatible with G20, G25 natural gas and G31 propane.


Dimensions of the XLA-T - XLA-I range

XLA-T - XLA-I gas-fired radiant heaters

Technical characteristics of the XLA-T - XLA-I range




Rated power (kW)



Number of burners 2 (inclined at 45°)
G20 gas consumption - 20mbar (m3/h) 1.08 1.43
G25 gas consumption - 25mbar (m3/h) 1.26 1.66
G31 gas consumption - 37mbar (kg3/h) 0.80 1.06
Gas inlet connection G1/2" connection cylindrical (ISO 228-1)
Power supply 230 V (+10%  -15%) – 50Hz   Neutral mandatory
XLA-T power consumption at start-up (VA) 56
XLA-I power consumption permanent (VA) 38
Weight (kg) 8.5 9.6
XLA-T : A (mm) 380 505
XLA-T : B (mm) 506 630
XLA-I : A (mm) 380 505
XLA-I : B (mm) 606 730




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