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Our expertise in the field of heating enables us to offer efficient and economical technologies that reduce energy bills.


Gas, energy for the future

SBM partners with energy suppliers to reduce energy bills and offers innovative solutions that help improve the energy efficiency of buildings.

Our high-performance product ranges (XFR, air heaters, etc.) with "EEC" energy certificates enable our customers to implement their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) in an efficient and concrete manner.

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Gas is the cheapest and most suitable energy source for industrial buildings.

Natural gas: 7.94 € / 100 kWh LHV

Propane: 14.99 € / 100 kWh LHV

Natural gas is also considered an energy of the future with 230 years of estimated world reserves, and renewable with all the possibilities offered by bio-methane (gas produced from waste).

SBM works with energy suppliers to accelerate and coordinate the energy saving projects of its end customers.



You are a gas supplier and have a project? Would you like to know more about our offer? We're available to assist your technical and sales teams.


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What are the advantages of becoming an SBM energy supply partner?
  •  Tested and reliable energy saving technologies
  •  A custom-built heating system for renovation and retrofit projects
  •  Project support and assistance
  •  Consideration of the all building's characteristics and requirements
  •  High quality, efficient and certified heating and control units