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High energy efficiency range

Gas-fired luminous radiant heaters XFR / XFR-I

XFR (thermocouple) and XFR-I (ionisation) high efficiency ranges. With their high radiation factor (up to 85%), these ranges are particularly suitable for heating high-rise buildings with little or no thermal insulation.

Up to 24% savings compared to standard radiant heaters.

Product benefits


  • High radiation factor up to 85%!
  • Dual speed control to optimise gas consumption
  • Low annual heating maintenance cost


  • Exceptional heating comfort
  • Heat directed directly toward the users
  • A very quick sensation of heat after being switched on (5 minutes)


  •  All stainless steel design for an average service life of 25 years
  •  NOx emissions lower than 50 mg/kWh
  • Quiet devices that do not generate air or dust movement

The XFR / XFR-I range of radiant heaters is exceptionally efficient

Owing to its unique design, the XFR/XFR-I has one of the highest radiation factors on the market – up to 85%!

It’s double-skinned enclosure with widened reflectors optimises the orientation and efficiency of the infrared radiation, thus limiting heat losses through convection.

Thanks to the XFR/XFR-I range, you’ll be able to benefit from Energy Saving Certificates as part of your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach.


Dimensions of the XFR / XFR-I range

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