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Our rule of conduct

When conducting a project for a final customer using our products in their building, good coordination is always maintained between our installer partners and energy suppliers to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Welcome to our partner network

As an installer partner, you benefit from a close working relationship with SBM: regular technical information provided regarding our products and the market. We are particularly committed to working closely with you throughout all heating projects with our end customers (from the bill of quantities, thermal study to installation layout, training and After-Sales Service).

A national network of partners

Réseau d'installateurs SBM

Thanks to our network of approved partners, we’re able to offer our customers additional high-quality services.

What are the benefits of becoming an SBM heating specialist/installer partner?

  • Compact and lightweight product ranges that are easy to install and maintain
  •  Proven, reliable and economical heating technologies
  •  Delivery of spare parts within 48 to 72 hours
  •  Project support and assistance
  •  Free and personalised thermal studies
  •  Efficient and quality products (ISO 9001, CE)

Our consultants take care of everything!

  1. Digital reconstruction of the building envelope in Autocad
  2. Heat requirement calculation
  3.  Choice of the appropriate technology and the unit power of the heating equipment
  4. Personalised gas consumption report
  5.  Implementation drawing, including location of equipment (height, orientation and distribution) and quantity survey of gas piping (pattern layout)
  6. Estimate detailing the equipment, accessories and control systems


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