Comfort and efficiency range

Luminous radiant heaters

The SX (thermocouple) and RI (ionisation) ranges of luminous radiant heaters provide energy savings and comfort in high-rise buildings with low to good thermal insulation levels.

Product benefits


  • Infrared heating for users resulting in significant energy savings
  • Dual speed control to optimise gas consumption
  •  Programming of different temperatures in the same volume is possible
  •  Low annual heating maintenance cost


  •  A compact, lightweight and high-performance unit that is easy to install and operate
  • Heat directed directly toward the users = Exceptional comfort
  • A very quick sensation of heat after being switched on (5 minutes)


  •  All stainless steel design for an average service life of 25 years
  •  NOx emissions lower than 50 mg/kWh
  • Quiet devices that do not generate air or dust movement

SX / RI range: easy-to-use and high-quality

The SX / RI ranges are easy to use and maintain. Their design using noble materials (stainless steel, brass, ceramic plates) ensure an exceptional service life up to 35 years!

All our heaters in the SX and RI range are compatible with G20, G25 natural gas and G31 propane.


Dimensions of the SX / RI range

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