Your needs

Optimise your energy bill

Heating technology appropriate to the type of building can save up to 50% in energy costs compared to conventional heating.

This is because every building required the appropriate heating technology.

Different criteria have to be taken into account, such as:
  • The building’s insulation,
  •  The height,
  •  The surface area,
  •  The activity,
  •  The requirements (setpoint temperatures, areas to be heated), etc.

Our solutions allow energy optimisation of the building while maintaining an ideal level of comfort and a pleasant environment for work, leisure or relaxation.

Type of building

Uninsulated, high-rise (from 3 to + 10 m in height). The taller the building, the more relevant the radiant is

Application examples

Industrial buildings (Workshop, warehouse…), terrace, places of worship, sports hall, etc

Application examples

Dual power (50% or 100% power)

Type of building

Uninsulated, 2 or 3 m in height

Application examples

Terrace, places of worship, etc.

Application examples

Power controller + Remote control

Type of building

Insulated, from 5 to 7 m in height

Application examples

Sports hall, commercial building, warehouse

Application examples

Chimney connection

Type of building

Raccordement de cheminée

Application examples

Workshop, commercial building, warehouse

Application examples

Adjustable airflow, destratifier function


We’re able to assist you in selecting the most suitable technology for your heating project to help you reduce your energy bill.

Our expertise enables us to establish a personalised consumption assessment based on the building’s characteristics, intended use, etc.

We can determine the gains obtained by installing the heating system that best suits your needs.

You’ll be able to have an overall snapshot of your project before starting: a 3D drawing, a thermal simulation, economic study, consumption simulation…

Thanks to our thermal study managers, our sales team and our network of local installer and energy supplier partners, we’ll be at your side to assist you with drafting the specifications, the commissioning of the installation and subsequent follow-up operations.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.

Centralised management of the installation makes it possible to measure, control and regulate the building’s energy consumption.

This solution allows you to:

  • Define a comfort temperature,
  •  Program time slots,
  • Independently manage the heated zones,
  •  View and adapt your system in real time via an on-line interface (computer, tablet, smartphone).