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Heating control modules

The heating control module is an essential component that adapts the power delivered by the units based on current needs.

Start-up, power level and shut-down of the heating system is controlled based on the difference between the temperature detected by the sensor and the programmed temperature.

Product benefits


  •  Heating is managed according to 3 temperature levels: comfort, reduced and night-time
  •  Weekly and multi-zone programming
  •  Management of 2 heating zones (VisioLON and InterLON)


  •  Intuitive user interface intuitive with graphic display
  •  Network communication via LonWorks (VisioLON and InterLON) and Modbus (Multitherm)
  •  Numerous configurable options: safety contact, manual override, 0-10V outputs


  •  Module with faulty display (Multitherm)
  •  Module DIN-rail mountable (VisioLON, InterLON and EasyLON)
  •  Management of exceptional periods

Range of communicating control modules

The installation of a heating control module allows for optimised operation of the heating system in order to limit overconsumption of gas.

Thanks to the LonWorks bus, the VISIOLON and INTERLON modules can be integrated into a Building Management System (BMS).


Dimensions of the control modules