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Thanks to our expertise in the field of building heating, we’re able to propose a variety of efficient and innovative technologies that can be adapted to the architecture of your buildings.

If you are an architect of industrial or tertiary buildings, then this page is for you.

We can combine our skills together on your projects by analysing and proposing the most appropriate technical solution in terms of heating so that your customer can save energy.

For more than 70 years, SBM has developed expertise in the field of economical and ecological heating solutions for industrial and commercial buildings that is recognised in more than 65 countries.

We’re able to jointly develop your projects and you maintain complete control over your recommendations:

  • Our Thermal Design Office is able to propose and dimension a host of other technologies and heating solutions, including:
    •  2D/3D drawing showing the layout and connection of our heating equipment
    • The financial snapshot of your project
    • A consumption simulation
    • The layout drawing, connection drawings for our installer partners


We place our network of installation and gas fitter partners at your disposal and do everything to facilitate the successful deployment of your customers’ project.


By working with SBM,  a family-owned SME with 70 years of experience in economical and ecological heating solutions, you benefit from:

  • High-performance product ranges (XFR infrared ceramic radiant heaters, Air heaters, etc.) with “EEC” energy certificates enabling you to implement your company’s CSR policy (Corporate Social Responsibility) in an efficient and concrete manner.
  •  A wide range of radiant modules  and a choice of colours are available for our tertiary models to create aesthetic and comfortable atmospheres for restaurants, hotels and leisure centres.
  •  wide range of technologies: Gas-fired radiant infrared ceramic, low-intensity radiant tube, radiant electric and gas-fired air heaters
  •  An intelligent control system for our equipment.
  •  Reliable consultation and assistance throughout all phases of the project.
  •  Products in compliance with environmental regulations.
  •  The experience of a heating equipment manufacturer and an integrated  ISO 9001-certified

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