Homogenous heating range

Homogenous heating range

The AM gas air heater range is efficient for buildings of low height (less than 5m) with a good to very good level of insulation.

As the heat source is installed inside the building, there are no energy losses through a distribution network and therefore less gas consumption.

Product benefits


  • Heat emission performance up to 96.1%
  • Seasonal performance factor up to 76.3%
  • Modulating system by Pre-mix burner that adapts the heat to the need


  • Homogeneous hot air throughout the volume
  • Air blown up to 30m
  • Heating management by communicating controller (ModBus)
  • Adjustable deflectors for directing the flow of hot air


  • Compact, lightweight and aesthetic air heater, easy to install and operate
  • NOx emissions below 50 mg/kWh thanks to the Pre-mix burner
  • Monobloc stainless steel heat exchanger: extended service life

The AM range of gas-fired air heaters is modular

This means that the heater’s output automatically adapts to the building’s heat requirements. 
The AM range of air heaters is equipped with Modbus technology for easily communication with the heating control module: temperatures, error reporting, remote reset… as well as with BMS or CTM systems.

An destratification fan can be combined with a gas warm air heater to generate up to 30% additional energy savings on your industrial or commercial heating system.


Dimensions of the AMplus range

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