Design electric heater range

Cal-E electric radiant heater

The Cal-E design electric radiant heater range offers gentle warmth and immediate comfort after ignition.

The Cal-E is suitable for heating terraces and places of worship.
Thanks to its innovative design, it combines comfort and aesthetics. Exists in 2,000 W and 4,000 W models.

Product benefits


  • Infrared heating: no heating of the outside air
  •  Power modulation option (0 to 100%) with remote control
  •  All-in-one heater, delivered with its swivel mount and junction box


  •  Feeling of gentle, instantaneous warmth
  •  Heating directed directly to the users
  •  Guaranteed comfort despite weather conditions


  •  IPX4 aesthetic electric radiant heater
  •  All-aluminium construction: extended service life
  • Colour options: black / bronze / champagne / aluminium

Operating principle

Schéma de fonctionnement radiant electrique CAL E


The Cal-E radiant heater range: an aesthetic and efficient range

The variable power control (option) associated with the Cal-E range of electric radiant heaters offers flexibility in terms of power ranging from 0 to 100%. This allows the heater’s operation to be optimised according to the conditions of use.

Its design and colour option allows the unit to easily integrate the building’s architecture. Its installation is simplified as it can be simply plugging directly it into the mains.

In addition, the quality of the materials used in the manufacture of this heater ensures it a long service life under normal operating conditions. Only the radiant heater’s lamp will need to be replaced after several years of use.


Dimensions of the Cal-E range