Standard radiant tube heater range

Gas-fired radiant tube heaters

The HYPERTUBE U & L range of gas-fired radiant tube heaters is designed to provide comfort while reducing energy costs and pollutant emissions.

The HYPERTUBE U & L range of gas-fired radiant tube heaters is particularly suitable for very well insulated buildings from 5 to 10 m tall.

Product benefits


  •  Dual cycloid reflector: seasonal performance factor greater than 75%
  • Annealed steel transmitters with turbulator: combustion efficiency greater than 89%
  • Management of radiant tubes by a control module (zones, time periods, etc.)


  • Heat directed directly toward the users
  •  Gentle warmth at user level
  •  Programming of several setpoint temperatures in the same volume is possible


  •  Low NOx emissions (< 150 mg/kWh)
  •  Connection for the discharge of combustion products (Type B or C) is possible
  •  Autonomous ionization-based flame monitoring and management unit

U & L radiant tube heater range: gentle warmth

Infrared radiation through radiant tubes brings comfort directly to the users, generating energy savings.

SBM radiant tubes can be connected in a stack configuration for the combustion air and the discharge of combustion products.

The HYPERTUBE U & L ranges operate on natural gas (G20 and G25) or propane (G31).


Dimensions of the radiant tube U & L range

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