High-performance custom range

Infrared gas burners for industrial processes

Owing to the wide range of models available and their heating efficiency, SBM gas-fired ceramic burners offer variety application possibilities: chicken rotisseries, paint gelling tunnels, asphalt melters, raclette machines, etc.

The burners fit perfectly into machine that will be labelled as ‘CE certified’.

Product benefits


  •  High energy efficiency (infrared transmission) = increased productivity
  •  Reduced and sustainable investment over time.
  •  Several speeds possible on the same burner


  •  Optimum heat transmission rate compared to hot air
  •  Simple and effective operation and use
  •  Easy integration owing to a wide range of burner sizes


  •  All stainless steel design for an extended service life
  •  Ceramic plates, durable over time
  •  Low pollutant emissions (CO, CO2 and NOx)

Operating principle

Modélisation tunnel séchage de peinture


Integration of optimal and high energy efficiency burners

Our infrared burners can be integrated into any type of process: cooking, drying, paint booth, gelification processes, etc.

The principle of infrared technology allows the heat to be targeted directly where it is needed, thus increasing productivity and energy savings.

Many options are available: manual start with thermocouple, electric start with thermocouple, ionisation system, and remote gas module. etc.

All our burners are compatible with natural gas (G20 and G25) and propane (G31).


Dimensions of the Z, ZL and PNZ burner ranges