Design and comfort range

Gas-fired luminous radiant heaters

The XD (thermocouple) and XDI (ionisation) luminous radiant heaters combine comfort, design and ruggedness to optimise terrace service all year round!

Product benefits


  • Heating by infrared radiation: no heating of the air
  •  Dual speed heaters to adapt the power as required
  •  All-aluminium construction for extended service life: sustainable investment


  •  Gentle and efficient heating that offers a much-appreciated comfort to customers
  •  Fast and customised ignition (remote control, pushbutton, etc.)
  •  Aesthetic appearance, easy to install and use


  •  Fixed, overhead installation which optimises floor space
  •  Its design and colour options allow for optimal integration
  •  Quiet operation

XD / XDI design gas-fired radiant heater range

Thanks to their fully-integrated design and 4 available colours, the XD/XDI heaters blend in perfectly with outdoor restaurant terraces and cafés.


Dimensions of the XD / XDI range

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