SBM participates in the energy transition of its customers.

Visuel hydrogene suède - EN

Mixing gas and hydrogen up to 50% is possible!

In order to reduce our gas imports, one of the solutions comtemplated is to mix gas and hydrogen. SBM has been working on this development for several years in collaboration with Gaz de France.

Sweden, a country recognised as one of the leaders in decarbonisation, has been injecting biogas into its natural gas network for several years now.

As part of this energy transition, we have adapted our XDI and SX range of heaters for our Swedish customers. For several years now, we have been supplying them with gas heaters that run on 20% hydrogen, providing full satisfaction in terms of reliability and safety.

With additional technical modifications, we are able to offer gas heaters that run on a gas mixture of up to 50% hydrogen to enable users to significantly reduce their CO2 emissions. 

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