Up to 24% more energy savings with XFR/XFR-I high performance ceramic radiant heaters

Energy efficiency in industrial and commercial buildings is a key concern for SBM.

Our primary aim is to offer our customers an efficient heating solution that will reduce their energy bills. It is this vision that led us to design our XFR range, a range of high performance luminous radiant heaters. Due to its unique design, the XFR/XFR-I has one of the highest radiation factors on the market with a value of up to 85%*!

Its high energy efficiency makes it a particularly powerful and economical heating system for heating high-rise, poorly insulated industrial buildings.

*Measured by the German company DVGW in accordance with the European Standard EN 419-2: ratio of radiated energy to absorbed energy

The benefits:

  • High energy efficiency
  • Energy saving and eco-design
  • Double speed option
  • Operational safety with flame detection by ionisation or thermocouple

Discover two projects made with XFR ceramic radiators.



Equipment production
453201 ISHIMBAY, Russia

  • Offers the most innovative, reliable and efficient solutions in the field of lifting equipment for commercial and maritime transport applications.



  • Surface area heated: 6480 m²
  • Installed capacity: 1239 kW
  • Installation height: up to 10,5 m
  • Number of radiant heaters installed: 60
Halles de Dijon


Covered market - Halles de Dijon

Covered market
21000 DIJON, France

  • The Halles de Dijon covered food market in the heart of the downtown



  • Surface area heated: 4183 m²
  • Installed capacity: 1730 kW
  • Installation height: up to 9,50 m
  • Number of radiant heaters installed: 168